Congratulations to Prof. Alexey Kavokin,

the Scientific Director of MIFP,

who was awarded with the International Quantum Device Award 2020

"For the prediction of room temperature Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton-polaritons, that led to the development of polariton lasers"

Prof. Alexey Kavokin


Congratulations to the

President of MIFP Dr. Giuseppe Eramo

with the Honorary Professorship

at the State University of Vladimir (Russia)

Honorary Professorship Honorary Professorship Honorary Professorship


Congratulations to Rinaldo Santonico

MIFP congratulates the
Member of its Scientific Council,
Professor Rinaldo Santonico
with a prestigious International Award of
the Division of Particles and Fields (DPF) of the Americal Physical Society.

The DPF Instrumentation award (2018) has been given to
Rinaldo Santonico for the development of
large gap Resistive Plate Chambers.

Rinaldo Santonico


The President of MIFP Giuseppe Eramo

together with the

Member of MIFP and Nobel Prize Award Riccardo Valentini

received the

Honoris Causa of Georgian Technical University in Tbilisi

on 17/11/2018

from the Rector Prof. Dr. Archil Prangishvili

G. Eramo and R. Valentini Honoris Causa


Signing Partnership and Collaboration Agreement

Stepanakert, 29th of June 2018

The President of MIFP Giuseppe Eramo

and the Principal of the Quantum College of Yerevan

have signed the Partnership and Collaboration Agreement.

The Ceremony has been attended by

the Minister of Science and Education of Armenia

and Minister of Science, Sport and Education of Artsakh.

Read more (English) »

Read more (Russian) »

Congratulations to the

Scientific Director of MIFP Professor Alexey Kavokin

with the Honorary Professorship

at the State University of Vladimir (Russia)

Honorary Professorship


PRL has promoted on its front page the work of MIFP Members

Daniele Sanvitto, Dario Ballarini, Fabrice Laussy and Lorenzo Dominici.

Bose-Einstein condensate of exciton-polaritons

The image shows a Bose-Einstein condensate of exciton-polaritons.

The Scientific Director of MIFP

Professor Alexey Kavokin is awarded by

the Honorary Doctorship of the Russian-Armenian University (Erevan, Armenia).

The Award ceremony will take place in Erevan on the 22nd of December 2017.

Honorary Doctorship of the Russian-Armenian University

Professor Alexey Abrikosov

has passed away today, March 30, 2017, at the age of 88.

He will always be remembered as one of the greatest

theoretical physicists of the XXth century.

Prof. Alexey Abrikosov with Prof. Andrey Varlamov

The Scientific Director of MIFP Prof. Alexey Kavokin,

the Member of MIFP Prof. Alexey Ustinov

and 8 other leading Russian researchers have been received

in Kremlin by the President Vladimir Putin.


Prof. Alexey Kavokin and President Vladimir Putin

Congratulations to the members of MIFP Bernard Gil and Anvar Zakhidov

who won the prestigious Megagrants of the Government of Russian Federation.



It is a pleasure to announce that

the President of M.I.F.P. Dr. Giuseppe Eramo and

the Director of the Quantum College Dr. Robert Vartanian

have signed the COOPERATION AGREEMENT between the two Institutions.

This Agreement will help developing links of partnership, stimulate training and research visits, guest lecturing program and organisation of international events sponsored by both Institutions.

The Member of MIFP Mr. Nikita Kavokine

has published his research on the

"Light-Driven Transport of a Liquid Marble with and against Surface Flows"

in the prestigeous Angewandte Chemie

Recent highlighted publication of the Members of MIFP

"Towards a feasible implementation of quantum neural networks using quantum dots"

Mikhail V. Altaisky, Nadezhda N. Zolnikova, Natalia E. Kaputkina,Victor A. Krylov,Yurii E. Lozovik, and Nikesh S. Dattani

Applied Physics Letters,108, 103108 (2016); doi: 10.1063/1.4943622

"Spin–orbit coupling of light in asymmetric microcavities"

L. B. Ma, S. L. Li, V. M. Fomin, M. Hentschel, J. B. Götte, Y. Yin, M. R. Jorgensen, O. G. Schmidt

Nature Communications 7, Article number: 10983 doi:10.1038/ncomms10983

Havana, February 2, 2016

The Member of Scientific Council of MIFP Prof. Andrey Varlamov receives the

Distinction for Teaching and Research from the

Minister of Science and Education of Russian Federation Dmitry Livanov.

Prof. Andrey Varlamov and Ministry Dmitry Livanov

Quantum physicists from MIFP unravel the secret of roulette

Since the early XVIIIth century roulette is one of the most popular, most elegant and most dangerous gambling games. An ideal roulette always wins against any gambler, if the game continues indefinitely. All winning strategies fail at sufficiently long time scales.
Nevertheless, there are professional roulette players who make good money playing roulette on an every day basis. What is their secret? How a human being may outplay the most perfect mathematical machine?
It their recent publication, the physicists from MIFP

Alexey Kavokin, Alexandra Sheremet and Mikhail Petrov

present a theory of a realistic non-ideal roulette where probabilities of realisations of different numbers slightly deviate. They propose a simple strategy that exploits the non-ideality of the roulette and makes its expected return positive for the gambler.

For more details see Bunching of numbers in a non-ideal roulette: the key to winning strategies

Congratulations to Andrey Varlamov and Attilio Rigamonti for the

Grand PrixRoberval 2015.

Two Members of MIFP has received this prestigious award for their book entitled

"Le kaléidoscope de la physique".

Varlamov and Rigamonti Diploma

The article "Enhanced thermoelectric coupling near eletronic phase transition: The role of fluctuation Cooper pairs"

by the Members of MIFP H. Ouerdane, A. A. Varlamov and A. V. Kavokin

has been published as a Rapid Communication in Physical Review B

The 16th International Conference on the Physics of Light-Matter Coupling

has been organized by MIFP and the University of Antioquia

in Medellin (Colombia), from 3 to 8 of February 2015

Read more »

The article "Dispersion characteristics of electromagnetic excitations in a disordered one-dimensional lattice of coupled microresonators"

by the Member of MIFP Dr. V.V. Rumyantsev

has been published on Physica B

The President of MIFP is happy to announce that

the mythic Max Bar and Brasserie

is opening the 8th of December 2014

at N40 Oxford Street, Southampton, UK.

Max offers generous discounts to All Members of MIFP!

Max Bar is the only place in the World where you can order the M.I.F.P. cocktail.

Members of MIFP

Vladimir Rumyantsev and Alexey Kavokin

have published a paper of exciton-like electromagentic excitations
in Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing group).

This prestigeous publication is affiliated to MIFP!

A Historic Experiment Redesigned

MIFP Members Sven Hoefling and Alexey Kavokin

discuss in Nature the remarkable new observation by the group from Dortmund: giant Rydberg excitons with the size as large as 2 micrometers have been observed in transmission spectra of natural crystals of copper oxide. This experiment redesignes the historic experiment of 1952 which allowed Evgenii Gross and Nury Karryjew to observe Wannier-Mott excitons for the first time.

The Nobel Prize for Physics has been awarded to

I. Akasaki, H. Amano and S. Nakamura

for the development of blue Light Emitting Diodes based on GaN.

While the revolutionary technological advances in this area have been made in Japan in 1980s-1990s, the fundamental properties of GaN based heterostructures have been thoroughfully studied in Europe by MIFP Members.
Bernard Gil (CNRS, Montpellier, France) was one of the first to fully appreciate importance of wurtzitic crystals for semiconductor lighting. In his seminal papers:
  • "Internal structure and oscillator strengths of excitons in strained alpha-GaN", (B. Gil and O. Briot, Phys. Rev. B55, 2530 (1997))
  • "Optical anisotropy of excitons in strained GaN epilayers grown along the [10(1)over-bar-0] direction", (B. Gil and A.Alemu, Phys. Rev. B56, 12446 (1997))
  • "Valence-band physics and the optical properties of GaN epilayers grown onto sapphire with wurtzite symmetry", (Bernard Gil, Olivier Briot, and Roger-Louis Aulombard, Phys. Rev. B 52, R17028(R) (1995))
he has started systematic research on excitons in GaN.
In 1998, together with Alexey Kavokin, Bernard has proposed GaN-based microcavities for strong coupling applications:
  • "GaN microcavities: Giant Rabi splitting and optical anisotropy"
    (A. Kavokin and B. Gil, Appl. Phys. Lett., 72, 2880 (1998))
This work has stimulated a multinational research effort on realisation of GaN-based polariton lasers in the framework of "CLERMONT", "CLERMONT2", "CLERMONT4" network projects, which has been crowned by a success of the group of MIFP member Jeremy Baumberg (Southampton, Cambridge) in 2007:
  • "Room temperature polariton lasing in semiconductor microcavities"
    (S. Christopoulos et al , Phys.Rev. Lett., 98, 126405 (2007))
Bernard Gil involved many groups in the research of nitrides. He has published two text-books and hundreds of research papers on this topic.

Celebrating the Nobel Prize of Akasaki-Nakamura-Amano we also pay tribute to the important contributions of Bernard and his colleagues to the research on group III nitrides.


MIFP congratulates

Profs. Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura with the

Nobel Prize for Physics 2014!

Many of us have strong collaboration links with the present Nobel winners.

The joint publication of MIFP members

Tatiana Shubina and Alexey Kavokin with Professor Amano on

Mie resonances, infrared emission and bandgap of InN can be found here »

Here is the text of the chess game played by the world champion GM Magnus Carlsen

and 2nd in ELO rating GM Levon Aronian (Whites, making moves one after another)

against Alexey Kavokin (Black)

at the Tatev monastery (Armenia) on the 23rd of June 2014.
Chess Game Grand Master Levon Aronian and Prof. Alexey Kavokin


Visual degradation in Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic self-portrait:
A nanoscale study

A. Mosca Conte, O. Pulci, M. C. Misiti, J. Lojewska,
L. Teodonio, C. Violante, and M. Missori

The discoloration of ancient paper, due to the development of oxidized groups acting as chromophores in its chief component, cellulose, is responsible for severe visual degradation in ancient artifacts. By adopting a non-destructive approach based on the combination of optical reflectance measurements and time-dependent density functional theory ab-initio calculations, we describe and quantify the chromophores affecting Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic self-portrait. Their relative concentrations are very similar to those measured in modern and ancient samples aged in humid environments. This analysis quantifies the present level of optical degradation of the Leonardo da Vinci’s self-portrait which, compared with future measurements, will assess its degradation rate. This is a fundamental information in order to plan appropriate conservation strategies.

The outcomes of this research are published on Appl. Phys. Lett., 104, 224101 (2014).
Leonardo da Vinci self portrait Leonardo da Vinci self portrait


Press-conference of the President of MIFP Giuseppe Eramo

and the Scientific Director of MIFP Alexey Kavokin

with the Nobel Prize George Fitzgerald Smoot

at the G-Global Economic Forum in Astana, May 23, 2014.

Press-conference G-Global Economic Forum 2014 Press-conference G-Global Economic Forum 2014

Press-conference G-Global Economic Forum 2014 Press-conference G-Global Economic Forum 2014


Theory of optically active imperfect composite materials cover
"Theory of Optically Active
Imperfect Composite Materials"

    A new book, edited by the Member of MIFP
Professor Vladimir Rumyantsev

and by S. Fedorov and by K. Gumennyk.


The Award Ceremony of MIFP will take place

at the lecture hall of the Grand Hotel Helio Cabala (Marino) on the 5th of April at 16.00

It will be followed by

The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Andrey Varlamov entitled

"Forty years in physics: long way from charge transfer in Liquid He to quantum fluctuations in superconductors"

All Members of MIFP are invited to the Ceremony, Lecture and the Banquet of MIFP

in a Honor of Professor Varlamov.

MIFP Meeting 2014   MIFP Meeting 2014   MIFP Meeting 2014   MIFP Meeting 2014   MIFP Meeting 2014

Take a look to the Photo Gallery »

Physics of Quantum Rings
"Physics of Quantum Rings"

    The Member of MIFP Professor Vladimir Fomin

has published a book on Quantum Rings.


Bernard Gil and Bo Monemar

On November 30th at the Meijo University of Nagoya, Japan,

the Member of MIFP Doctor Bernard GIL (sitting right at the first row)
Director of Research at CNRS, University of Montpellier 2, France

Professor at the University of Linköping, Sweden (sitting left at the first row)

have been awarded
Doctor Honoris Causa of the Faculty of Technology at the Meijo University
Nagoya Japan.

These nominations have been initiated by Professor Isamu AKASAKI (center at the second row), the inventor of several advanced growth processes for improving the growth, the purification and the doping of semiconductors and the inventor of the blue light emitting diode based on nitride semiconductors.

At the second Row, from left to right are respectively standing
Professor Shigeru FUKUSHIMA
vice-President Director of the International Affairs at the Meijo University

Professor Toshiharu NAKANE
President of the Meijo University

Professor Isamu AKASAKI

Professor Akiyoshi KOBAYASHI
vice President of the Meijo University, Fellow of the Japanese Society for Precision engineering

Professor Koichi YOSHIHISA
Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Meijo university.

These Doctoris Causa nominations award
"the exceptional and determinental contributions of Professor Bo Monemar and Doctor Bernard Gil to the optical properties of nitride strained-layer heterostructures".

The first Polariton Laser with electric injection has been realised by MIFP Members

Sven Hoefling, Ivan Shelykh and collaborators.

This discovery is discusses in the Science News by Alexey Kavokin


Alexey Kavokin at University of Vladimir

Alexey Kavokin giving lectures at the University of Vladimir,

the project funded by the Dynasty Foundation.

The mistery of magnetic orientation of migratory birds

is addressed in the groundbreaking paper of the MIFP Member  Dr. Kirill Kavokin.

Read the Paper »

Sun is a source of dark matter: positrons were found in Sun flares.

Read about the new discoveries of the Member of MIFP

Professory Grigory Fleishman at


Physics of Quantum Fluids book cover
"Physics of Quantum Fluids"

    A new book, edited by the Member of MIFP Alberto Bramati
and by Michele Modugno.


MIFP Member has become a Professor of Skoltech:

Congratulations to  Dr. Natalia Berloff  who has been appointed a

Full Professor and Vice-Dean of Energy at the Skolkovo Institute of Technology (Skoltech).

The article "Why the Expansion of the Universe Appears to Accelerate"

by the Member of MIFP Dr. Paul Smeulders

has been published by the Journal of Modern Physics.

The article "Model of a GaAs Quantum Dot Embedded in a Polymorph AlGaAs Nanowire"

by the Member of MIFP Dr. Daniele Barettin

has been published by the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics.

The Templeton Foundation supports projects in Fundamental Physics.

For details see: Templeton Foundation Mission »

MIFP congratulates Dr. Henni Ouerdane whose work on

"Optimal working conditions for thermoelectric generators
with realistic thermal coupling"

published in Europhysics Letters has been selected as one of the Highlights 2012.

Dynamical Symmetries For Nanostructures book cover
"Dynamical Symmetries For Nanostructures"

    A monograph written by the Member of MIFP Mikhail Kiselev
and by K. Kikoin and Y. Avishai.


Congratulations to Alexey Kavokin who has been awarded by the

Established Career Fellowship of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of the United Kingdom!

Professor Ruben Seisyan has published a review paper summarizing 65 years of research on

diamagnetic excitons and magneto-polaritons

The new results on the high temperature superconductor LaCuO have been published by the Member of MIFP Professor Antonio Bianconi in the prestigeous Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences.

Optimum inhomogeneity of local lattice distortions in La2CuO4+y.

Exciton Polaritons in Microcavities book
"Exciton Polaritons in Microcavities: New Frontiers"

    A new book, edited by the Member of MIFP Daniele Sanvitto.


Quantum Dots: Optics, Electron Transport and Future Applications book
"Quantum Dots: Optics, Electron Transport and Future Applications"

    A new book, edited by the Member of MIFP Alexander Tartakovskii, with reviews on latest results in quantum dot research.

Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics - MIFP

The Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics (MIFP) has been created in July 2010 by a group of researchers specialised in different areas of physics and working in different countries. The main goal of MIFP is creation of a stimulating research environment where the great percentage of work time of scientists would not be lost on resolving of administrative and logistic problems. MIFP is a non-profit non-governmental organisation which offers efficient and flexible management of international collaboration projects and teaching programs, organisation of international conferences, workshops, schools etc.

MIFP is built around a permanent administrative group based in Rome. This central administration is responsible for the logistic build-up of the institute, management of its research and teaching projects, organisation of meetings and events. The Members of the Institute may have research or teaching commitments in other research organisations, universities etc. The Membership is free of charge, it is granted upon request by the candidate and after approval by the Scientific Council of MIFP. The Scientific Council currently consisting of 7 members is elected by the Members of MIFP at the March Meetings of the Institute.

The President of the Scientific Council together with its Members defines the research strategy of MIFP between the March meetings.
MIFP is financed by private donations and from the overheads of the research grants. It charges from 5 to 15% of overheads depending on the nature of the grant. Its strategic goal is to evolve from an essentially virtual structure to the full-scale research center having a developed infrastructure, a significant number of permanent employees, postdocs and visiting scientists. MIFP intends attracting the highest international level researchers for permanent or fixed-term research positions with competitive salaries.

Promotion of fundamental physics in the Mediterranean region is a subject of special attention of MIFP. The Institute organises yearly the International Conferences on Physics of Light-Matter Coupling in Nanostructures and International Schools on Nanophotonics and Photovoltaics, most frequently in the Mediterranean countries. It sponsors the collaboration projects in physics across the Mediterranean Sea. In the same time MIFP remains a largely open international research organisation and welcomes new Members from all continents.

MIFP has also strong research links with the countries of the former Soviet Union and the scientific Diaspora originated from these countries and residing all over the world. It sponsors yearly Italo-Russian meetings on Solid State Physics in Rome.

MIFP promotes the high-school teaching programs in physics all over the world. It has developed original sets of teaching courses in Nanophysics already tested in the Moscow University of Steel and Alloys.

MIFP invites sponsors and encourages new applications for Membership.


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