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  • Prof. Alexey Kavokin (University of Southampton)


  • Prof. Mikhail Portnoi (University of Exeter)


1 page abstracts for oral and poster presentations are to be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. not later than July 31, 2015

  • Peristera Andreakou - LPN-CNRS Marcoussis
    Excitonic devices based on indirect excitons

  • Levon Asryan - Virginia Tech
    Double tunneling-injection quantum dot laser: Temperature-stable and high-power operation

  • Zhanghai Chen - Fudan University
    Cavity QED effects of some "new" materials

  • David Citrin - Georgia Tech
    Optically coupled metal nanoparticle chains and arrays

  • Aldo Di Carlo - University of Tor Vergata
    Hybrid Perovskites for Solar Cells and other optoelectronic devices

  • Giuseppe Eramo - MIFP
    Organised crime: The world's largest social network

  • Mark Fox - Sheffield University
    Quantum dot nanophotonic circuits

  • Andrew Gallant - University of Durham
    Near and Sub-Wavelength Engineering for THz devices

  • Euan Hendry - University of Exeter
    Photocarrier dynamics in semiconductors probed with THz time domain spectroscopy

  • Sven Hoefling - Wuerzburg University
    Light-Matter Interaction In Quantum Dot Microcavities: From Fundamentals To Applications

  • Alexey Kavokin - University of Southampton
    Bosonic cascade terahertz lasers

  • Dmitry Krizhanovskii - Sheffield University
    Nonlinear polaritons in semiconductor microcavities and waveguides

  • Feodor Kusmartsev - Loughborough University
    Topological Insulators and Majorana Fermions

  • Fabrice Laussy - Technische Universität München
    Engineering quantum light sources through frequency filtering

  • Eros Mariani - University of Exeter
    The many flavours of real and artificial graphene

  • Egor Muljarov - Cardiff University
    Exact theory of Purcell effect and new advances in resonant-state expansion

  • Anton Nalitov - CNRS - University Blaise Pascal
    Polariton topological insulator

  • Mikhail Portnoi - University of Exeter
    Zero-energy states in graphene

  • Marek Potemski - LNCMI-CNRS
    The effects of electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions on inter Landau level excitations in graphene

  • Galia Pozina - University of Southampton
    Recent advances in III-nitride nanostructures

  • Olivia Pulci - University of Tor Vergata
    Computational first-principles approaches in solid state physics

  • Huechu Shen -
    Infrared Photonics

  • Jerome Tignon - ENS / UPMC
    THz quantum cascade lasers

  • Elena Del Valle - Technische Universität München
    Light-matter coupling in open quantum systems

  • Luis Vina - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
    Dynamics of all-optical polariton devices

  • Masha Vladimirova - CNRS - University of Montpellier
    Indirect excitons in wide band gap semiconductors


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