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Pavlos Savvidis - IESL-FORTH (Greece)
    Pattern formation in interacting exciton-polariton condensates

Luis Vina - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)
    Light-matter condensates in 1D: quantum interference in reciprocal space

Sven Hoefling - University of St. Andrews (UK)
    Semiconductor Quantum Dot Microcavities: From Coherent Single Photon Emission to Single Spin-Photon Interaction

Yasutomo Ota - University of Tokyo (Japan)
    Recent advance in quantum dot cavity quantum electrodynamics

Pavlos Lagoudakis - University of Southampton (UK)
    Vortex formation in a Lattice Polariton-Condensate

Zhanghai Chen - University of Zhanghai (China)
    Polariton weak lasing in ZnO microwires

Maria Vladimirova - University of Montpellier (France)
    Pump-Probe Spin Spectroscopy of Indirect Excitons

Isaac Hernandez Calderón - CINVESTAV (Mexico)
    Excitonic properties of layer-by-layer grown thin and ultrathin quantum wells of II-VI semiconductors with control of the composition at the monolayer scale

Natalia Berloff - Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Russia)
    Polarisation reversal in spin-dependent polariton

Vladimir Kalevich - Ioffe Technical Physical Institute (Russia)
    Ring-shape polariton condensates

Konstantinos Lagoudakis - University of Stanford (UK)
    Coherent control and optical pumping of spins in self-assembled and site controlled quantum dots

Nina Voronova - National Research Nuclear University MEPHI (Russia)
    Oscillatory regimes of a coupled two-component linear-nonlinear bosonic system

Igor Lukyanchuk - University of Picardy (France)
    Resonance Interaction of Terahertz Radiation with Domain-Nanostructured Multilayered Ferroelectric Materials: Effect of Negative Capacitance

Miguel Eduardo Mora Ramos - Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (Mexico)
    Indirect excitons in atomic-layer-doped systems

Anton Nalitov - CNRS - University Blaise Pascal (France)
    Polaritonic topological insulators

Dario Ballarini - CNR (Italy)
    Ultrafast control of light polarization exploiting polariton Rabi oscillations