International Conference on Optics of Excitons in Confined Systems - OECS 13

The 13th International Conference on Optics of Excitons in Confined Systems (OECS13) will take place in Rome (Italy) from the 9th to 13th of September 2013.

The OECS 13 continues a series of conferences that started in 1987 in Rome (Italy).

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Afterwards the conference was held at Naxos (Sicily, Italy, 1991), Montpellier (France, 1993), Cortona (Italy, 1995), Göttingen (Germany, 1997), Ascona (Switzerland, 1999), Montpellier (France, 2001), Lecce (Italy, 2003), Southampton (UK, 2005), Patti (Sicily, Italy, 2007), Madrid (Spain, 2009) and Paris (France, 2011).

It is addressed to scientists who lead fundamental and applied research on the optical properties of excitons in novel condensed-matter mesostructures. The 2013 meeting will bring together in Rome many world leading actors in this domain, with the aim of stimulating the exchange of ideas, promoting international cooperation, and coordinating research on the newest exciton related issues, such as quantum information science and exciton quantum collective phenomena in organic and inorganic materials.

The conference program will be composed of eight sessions and one Special session.

  1. Excitons in photonic structures (key-note speaker J.M. Gerard)
  2. Organic microcavities (key-note speaker D. Lidzey)
  3. Optics of excitons in quantum wires and dots (key-note speaker W. Langbein)
  4. Polariton condensates (key-note speaker I. Carusotto)
  5. Bose-Einstein condensation of excitons and cold atoms (key-note speaker L. Butov)
  6. Quantum optics, single spin and coherent control (key-note speaker A. Imamoglu)
  7. Quantum optomechanics (key-note speaker T. Kippenberg)
  8. Excitons in emerging materials (key-note speaker E. Molinari)

The Special session will be dedicated to the memory of Professor Rodolfo Del Sole, the Chairman of the 1st OECS who passed away in 2011. The key-note lecture at this session will be given by Lucia Reining.

Each session will be composed on one key-note presentation, one invited talk and several contributed oral presentations.
Two poster sessions covering all subjects listed above and emerging new areas of exciton physics will be organised during the conference.


Rodolfo Del Sole

Rodolfo Del Sole

University of Rome II
Tor Vergata


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  • Deadline for Abstract Submission
    19 May 2013
  • Deadline for Early Registration
    9 July 2013
  • Conference begins
    9 September 2013
  • Conference ends
    13 September 2013


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